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the violence against women



Violence against women

Topic: What factors explain violence against women? What solutions do you propose for this problem?


 Violence against women has become a phenomenon that worries officials, human rights organizations and women's associations. Not surprisingly, this phenomenon has been on the rise in recent years: there are too many cases before the courts, and the media keeps us informed every day of a new situation or situations. What are the reasons behind the exacerbation of violence against women? What are its repercussions on the individual and society? What are the effective solutions that Can this social scourge limit?

Causes of violence against women:

The prevailing cultural climate in society is one of the factors that explain violence against women: our Arab culture enshrines the inferiority of women and makes men masters, owners, shepherds and guardians. Popular ideas and perceptions about women: the image of the latter is close to evil, sorcery and magic; for example, popular jokes portray women as comparable to Satan in his cunning, cunning and malice.

This poor image is perpetuated by the misconception of religion and the improper interpretation of some Qur'anic surahs and hadiths that deal with the subject of women.

Objectifying a woman and reducing her being to a mere source of sexual pleasure. Women in the custom of many people occupy a lower rank than that of animals, and some men when they talk about women utter the phrase Hashak as if they are talking about a shameful topic that is not appropriate for them to address.

Illiteracy and ignorance are one of the most important reasons explaining violence against women, in light of the weak schooling of a large segment of society and their receipt of an education based on rationality and openness to bright ideas, fossilized stereotypes remain rooted in the minds, and worse than that, women, especially in the valleys, are denied access to School, which deprives them of awareness of their rights and makes them vulnerable to exploitation, marginalization and denigration. Poverty, no doubt, is another contributing factor to violence against women. Poverty is a hotbed of all kinds of hardships and an environment conducive to the spread of all kinds of violence. Many maids are forced to work in the homes of some well-to-do people who exploit them like slaves and abuse them in the absence of all scruples.

The social and economic transformation witnessed by society: In light of the worsening economic situation and the lack of job opportunities, men have come to view women as their competitors and even enemies after entering the world of work and occupying important positions, whether in public administrations, banks, companies, educational institutions, laboratories and other vital fields..

The spread of drugs and alcohol consumption are also direct causes of violence: how many sons have killed their mother simply because she refused to give him money to buy a hallucinogenic drug or a bottle of alcohol. Some parents even rape their daughters while under the influence of alcohol.

Homosexuality is one of the most important manifestations of violence against women and at the same time a cause of such violence: under the influence of pornography and pornography channels, sexual practices have changed, so that men are looking for abnormal sexual pleasures; This is encouraged by the deterioration of moral and religious values in society, as traditional values based on solidarity between family members and the sanctification of marital relations have been defeated and replaced by individualistic values that make money, pleasure and self-love the ideal.

The absence of democracy, political oppression and the complexity of life strengthen the tendency to violence, especially in a general climate that feeds this trend: cinema, television, social networking sites and the written media broadcast real or imagined images of murder that take root in the mind of the reader and viewer and are reflected in his daily behavior.

Consequences of violence against women:

Violence against women results in psychological disorders thatlead to their isolation and isolation from society , and sometimes these women suffer from mental disorders and even madness.

 A man's violence against his wife or daughter also leads to delinquency, asmany wives and daughters have left the family home to escape violence and have chosen the street as a place to live or fall into the arms of vice. This contributes to the exacerbation of the phenomenon of street children. Violence also leads to divorce, which pushes children to homelessness and loss, or at least causes psychological disorders that affect their personality, and sometimes make them perverts and criminals.  In addition, violence leads to the disintegration of the family, strengthens individualism in individuals, and sows the seeds of hatred and hatred between families.

Violence against women often results in murders: when battered women are unable to obtain their rights by legal means, they are forced to get rid of the man who abused them by killing them. Several women told the police that they had killed their husbands, brothers or children because of the violence they were subjected to. The large number of violence-related cases before the courts exacerbates the slow pace of the courts: instead of dealing with large cases related to investment, drugs, looting of public funds , etc., judges and lawyers are forced to deal with cases that would not have existed without violence.

Proposed solutions to the problem of violence against women:

Through media platforms, Friday sermons, and schools, religious scholars should correct religious concepts related to women and correctly interpret Quranic verses and hadiths that remove all confusion.  Poverty must also be fought through a development policy that contributes to job creation and improved per capita income.

Fighting drugs and alcoholic beverages is essential to reducing violence against women. Schooling should be encouraged, school dropout should be combated, especially in rural areas and marginalized urban neighbourhoods, and women should be made aware of their rights and provided with legal support.

Legal procedures must be simplified so that women who have been subjected to violence can obtain their rights against the aggressor. The complexity of legal procedures is one of the reasons why the victim has access to justice.

Fighting bribery among some security and judicial personnel so that the law prevails instead of the power of money that makes the victim guilty.

 Harsh laws must be enacted against men who abuse women in order to discourage them from committing their crimes.

Strengthening the moral and religious system, which constitutes an impregnable fortress against all slippages, did not the poet Muhammad Shawky say in this chapter, but the nations of morality are not left / if they are gone their morals are gone.  Awareness-raising campaigns must be conducted on the effects and repercussions of violence against women on society and the individual;  We must work to improve the image of women, especially in the media, where the latter appear to be just a commodity suitable for consumption, and to consolidate the idea among people that they are human beings that are no different from men, neither in terms of intellectual and mental abilities, nor in terms of feelings, nor in terms of social and economic functions...

We must work to establish the values of democracy in society, because this affects the family and the behavior of individuals and makes them less violent and more resorting to dialogue. Action should be taken to combat all forms of violence in television, cinema and all public means of communication.


The causes of violence against women range from economic, social and cultural factors. The prevalence of manifestations of violence in television, cinema and even in the cultural system of society, together with the spread of drug consumption, constitute a climate for the perpetration of all kinds of violence against women. This is encouraged by the inferiority of women, which is the result of religious and cultural misconceptions. Therefore, we must work to correct these perceptions in order to reduce the phenomenon of violence, without forgetting the need to enact harsh laws that deter men from resorting to violence. Most importantly, encouraging schooling, combating illiteracy and ignorance, and conducting awareness-raising campaigns. But one might say, doesn't the man himself suffer from violence, and even from women's violence?